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Pizza Margherita Classica

Dolce Salato

Pizza and Gelato


Our Story 


Baldi Family Owners of Dolce Salato Best Pizza and Gelato Fort Lauderdale Florida

Our Family 

We are Leonardo and Silvia Baldi and we came to US for the first time, as tourist, in 1999.
We instantly fell in love with the country and South Florida in particular.
When we returned to Italy, we sold our business shares and applied for an investor visa.

Our journey began in 2002, when  we opened our first Store "Gelatodream" in Las Olas BLVD.

Gelatodream was the first gelato store in Broward County and quickly became a success!

Then in 2012, another great opportunity.
The opening in KEY WEST of our new DUETTO Pizza and Gelato with the assistance of our cousin Giancarlo, an Italian pizzaiolo by trade.
The business was a success! The great combination of daily homemade gelato and traditional Italian pizza has been proven a winner.
Our Clients love our store and the freshness and authenticity of the product and the service.
We eventually sold it (it is still doing great today..) and in 2015 we came back to Fort Lauderdale and chose the lovely Wilton Manors as the start of our new adventure based on the success of our previous retail and wholesale operations.

Welcome to DOLCE SALATO Pizza and Gelato!!

Italian Homemade Gelato

What is Gelato ?

Best Gelato Fort Lauderdale | Ice Cream | Tripadvisor |  Homemade | Stracciatella Amaretto Nutella Pistachio Bacio Gelato | Affogato | Waffle cone
Best Gelato Fort Lauderdale | Ice Cream | Tripadvisor |  Homemade | Stracciatella Amaretto Nutella Pistachio Bacio Gelato | Affogato

Gelato is made with the finest and freshest ingredients available.

The taste of gelato is more concentrated than the regular ice cream.

This is due to the machines used in its production.

Gelato machines turn more slowly which makes for a much denser texture and more compact flavor. 

Though lower in fat, no more than 6 - 7%, each bite of gelato packs a wallop of sensory stimulation that is second to none. 

American style ice cream, on the other hand, contains a greater percentage of fat, air and stabilizers. Although this creates more volume, there is less flavor. 

Moreover heavy ingredients such as cream, with a butterfat content of 36 to 40 percent, are added. 

This not only makes for a more fattening end result, it also masks the original flavor. 


Taste gelato today and experience the difference for yourself!!!



2406 Wilton Drive 

Fort Lauderdale  (FL) 33305


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

12 PM - 10 PM


04 PM - 10 PM

Friday, Saturday

12 PM - 11.45 PM

Tel: 954 463 7677


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